This Way Up

Posted on 01 Aug 2019 @ 2:05pm by Lieutenant Warren Paige

Mission: Handle with Care
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Current

His eyes fixed ever more intently at a point a thousand light years distant, his body sank deeper into the chair, his breathing slowed. In that moment, he considered what he should have done differently: He should have travelled more, he should have asked the red head out, instead of the blonde, he should have studied harder in school. At
least he was right about Fredricksson. Still, he'd have forever to ponder these "what-ifs" for he was dying..

.. of boredom

The saga of Minerva's engine failure was still being told. The duty engineer giving it had been told to give the Captain a full report.. and by heaven, if there weren't two moons over Rigel VII, it would be a full report. Warren did not know the young man's name, but he had seen him before on the recreation deck and had been surprised by how curly his
hair had been. The technical minutiae and rationale behind the decisions blurred and washed over the non-engineer.

"-So you see, sir, after we had inverted the -"

Warren stabbed at the bridge of his nose.

"Look, bottom line. We're spinning around out here on one nacelle like a Dogbird in mating season because..."

The curly-haired engineer had a look of confusion on his face. Had he not been clear? Warren watched as the young man scrunched his lips together, trying to find another way to say what he had just said.

"...because, the starboard directional stabiliser failed due to improper maintenance." The engineer was speaking noticeably slower. Warren's eyes rolled slightly at the arrogance of youth, but he remained silent "As
soon as we're done replacing it we should be able to get underway."

"How long?"

"Maybe two hours, Captain."

Warren nodded. Actually it was acting captain, until the CO returned from bereavement leave. Still, Warren had to admit it did sound good. He rolled the title around in his head, Captain Warren Paige.

Yes. I do like the sound of that.

"Well then, you'd better stop talking to me and get on with it, hadn't you?" Warren said abruptly. The younger man nodded vigorously and retreated into the lift.

As if to underscore the situation, Minerva shifted slightly pushing him against the sides of his seat, as she gracefully completed yet another orbit of herself. The story of a Miranda-class ship stuck spinning on its own axis in space would be comical - if you were only listening to it, not living it.

As the stars slid gently by in the same direction... again, Warren glanced up at the viewscreen, a mistake his inner ear wanted to punish him for. Instantly, Warren clamped his eyes shut to fight another oncoming wave of nausea. Blindly, he fumbled for the armrest.

"Bridge to Sickbay.." His words were strangled. The doctor needed to make an old fashioned house call. Before there could be an answer, another call cut-in over the ship wide intercom system.

"Emergency! Cargo Bay 2! One of the hazardous cargo containers has fallen and now multiple containers have broken. Damage Control Team to Cargo 2 at the rush!"