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On the Move

Posted on 03 Aug 2019 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant Khaled al Rashid

Mission: Handle with Care
Location: Deck 3: Astrophysics Lab
Timeline: Current

"When we get underway again, we're probably going to need to recalibrate the navigational sensors, and I'll need an updated weather-"

The ship's annunciator interrupted Lieutenant Khaled al Rashid's lecture to the two ensigns on duty in the astrophysics lab about the importance of the ship's weather report. The younger officers looked relieved.

"Emergency! Cargo Bay 2! One of the hazardous cargo containers has fallen and now multiple containers have broken. Damage Control Team to Cargo 2 at the rush!"

Al Rashid darted toward a nearby comm panel on the bulkhead.

"This is al Rashid, en route to Cargo Bay 2."

Soon the acting first officer was in the corridor racing for a turbolift. This posting had turned into a nightmare. The malfunctioning starboard stabilizer, the useless nacelle and now this. He was fresh out of command school, and Starfleet thought, in its infinite wisdom, that making him temporary exec of the Minerva would be a good experience for him before advancing al Rashid to his next assignment.

It's been an experience, all right.

The lift deposited al Rashid on deck 6. He took off at a run, but the combination of leaving the gravitational field of the lift and the listing starship sent him sailing into a bulkhead.

"Oh, give me a break!"

The first officer rubbed his sore shoulder, and joined the damage control team that was assembled outside the starboard cargo and hangar bay. As he donned a breathing mask and protective gloves, he turned to the leader of the team.



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