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Heigh-Ho, A Merry-O

Posted on 04 Aug 2019 @ 7:58pm by Lieutenant Eugene (“Mike”) Falkenberg
Edited on on 04 Aug 2019 @ 8:04pm

Mission: Handle with Care
Location: Science Station, Main Bridge
Timeline: Current

The chief science officer of the Minerva pulled up the next chart of data and absent-mindedly scratched his emergent five o’clock shadow. An adjacent screen taunted him. The pulsing wave was erratic, tight energy peaks one moment, languid troughs the next. He swiveled in his chair to address the captain, but hesitated. Maybe it would be more Star Fleet if Mike walked over to Captain Paige at the conn.

“Captain, I think I have tracked down the source of our rotation. We have a new weather report which confirms this area of space has been growing hotter in the last 18 months. Judging from the data banks, this sector goes through a temperature heat cycle every four hundred years. It is higher than normal this time around. I can’t work out the reason, but at any rate we are in the middle of it.”

The science officer paused politely before continuing. “Sir, as you know, our shields protect us from the adverse effects of space weather, but as luck would have it, there appears to be a narrow breach, an extremely narrow breach, which is allowing energy pulses in this sector to effect micro failures on the starboard side of the ship. I’ve sent a report to the Chief Engineering Officer. If Engineering could find a way to throw a patch over that section of the nacelle shield, we should be able to steer a way out of this spin.”

At that moment, a raucous alarm pierced the quiet of the bridge. Mike looked across the conn at the helm display. It blinked slowly on auto pilot. Rashid was elsewhere.


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